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Redemption Song
    No matter what happens I’m grateful, these are the words that I constantly tell myself daily to keep me going. I’ve been out of work since December 15,2017 and I’ve been actively looking. Once I found out that my current job was contract and that during tax season 2018 I would own more money than I had been putting aside , I decided to try something else . At this time I put my self in a place to be taken advantage of and I will never do that again! 

 Needless to say I was putting countless amounts a of energy into something that wouldn’t work unless I became as unethical as the person who introduced it to me . I quickly learned that some people will do anything to trick people long enough to take advantage of them and that’s ultimately how they succeed, by selling a dream . Anyways after the realization that I what I had signed up for wouldn’t work for me I decided to apply for career positions and I’m sure something will turn up soon enough. It will be exactly wha…
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It's time for a total make-over: Blog changes and Updates !

Hello and thank you for continuing to check out my weird non consistent blog! I really appreciate you and would love to give you a BIG ASS HUG. MWAH from the bottom of my heart ! Now Let's get down to business.

Name Change: Yes this blog will be going through a name change into something more fitting and exotic, just like me!

Domain Name: I will be purchasing a domain name to go along with the new name change

Videos : This blog will now contain exclusive vlogs so in order to see them make sure to subscribe , because  you will only be able to view them with special links !

My books : So I've finished two books so far and 21 confessions of a single black woman will be released this year so don't worry! All links will be provided here on my blog and you will have the first chance to view them.

Traveling : Yes ! so this year I'm planning several trips and I'm taking you all with me via Vlogs and at the end of this year I would love to plan a meet up with you all so …

Pictures from my college days

Questions and Answers

How is working for yourself really?
In all honesty it's fun. Not having a boss breathing down your neck telling you own wrong you are is pretty cool. I've never kept a job longer than 2 years. I don't know what it was but I just hated them I also graduated with a degree in family consumer science so that in itself limits my job opportunities. Oddly enough i've always had what I need to make it. I've been living on my own for two years and it's really cool 

Is writing a book worth it?
If it's something that you love to do then sure, there will always be a spot for story telling.  The only problem with trying to be an author in  this day and age is that everyone has a story ti tell, so it better be a good one. 

How does it feel to have been a year with no sex ?
I've missed it, but honestly I'd rather have someone who loves me and we have sex vs 1 night stands or a couple times of fun. I could've had sex last week, however it's so much more th…


To slave away on paper's trail
A wasteful lack of  energy
the death of all that's left  betrayal A deal of no divinity
Plastic bottles  in our oceans 
A sky with poisonousness rains
Aluminum  shreds  being  placed in our grains
Morgellons in our brains 
just waiting to activate .
To counter act and bring relief
to heal a broken side effect
of what we have become but yet 
Try and claim some clarity 
All talk is left for cheap
inorganic insanity 
For all  that stands to be released of energetic chatter 

all the  riches and shiny things 
but now what does it matter?

Daughter of the Cosmos

9 month Loc Update :)

Check out my 9th month loc update below !!  love ya lots !!xoxo .