Hi wonderful beautiful people,

 My name is Shannon and i'm starting my very first fashion blog, this is something that I have always wanted to do, and I hope my readers enjoy my post and find them very helpful. This is just a little overview/layout of what to expect  from my blog

The post will go up as follows everyday 5 days a week starting with Monday ending with Friday ,

Make-up Mondays- A place where I will feature my favorite products and where to get them also prices and what I used them for. Also makeup tips like how to blend, pick the right foundation, and etc.

What's Trending on Tuesdays- When I will discuss the trends for the season, or just what's trending in fashion in general

Whatcha wearing Wednesdays- On this day I will do an outfit of the day and breakdown each outfit piece, including where everything was purchased , so that you can buy the item seen

Vintage Thursdays- The day where I will show you my favorite vintage pieces of the week, and also places where you can purchase other that the thrift store.

Fashion Recap on Fridays - This day I will go through the week and pull out my favorite pieces from each day  and try to create an outfit with a piece from each day.

Model Of the Month- Every end of the Month I will feature a model who I believe had the best trends and fashion sense dealing with that month. they will be featured and interviewed .

for business inquiries please feel free to email me below at truebeyondafashionista@yahoomail.com

I hope you will remain engaged with my blog stay tuned each week for giveaways, and freebies,  I love you guys so much and I hope to create a strong bond with all of my readers, and remember  to Stay True to Your own Fashion  XOXO

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