Makeup Monday ( How to Pick your Foundation Shade)

December 16, 2013

Makeup Monday 

Hello wonderful beautiful people and  welcome back to my blog. I hope you are well and that your Monday is going great so far,

My makeup Monday tip for this week will be showing you how to pick the correct foundation shade for your skin tone, Knowing this tip will help you achieve a flawless makeup look and keep you from having that  two-toned foundation between your face and your neck, often referred to as the awful cut off line... Let's get Started ..


I know this may sound a little elementary since you can obviously look just look in a mirror, but knowing your correct shade depending on the brand of foundation you will be using is also important. Each brand of foundation has their own skin tone chart. Within that skin-tone chart they have their different variations of browns,olives, tans etc, depending on their foundation formulas.  If you try to use a chart from one brand and buy your foundation from somewhere else other than that brand, you might pick the wrong shade. to ensure this doesn't happen you should always look up your chart first compare it to your skin and then take your match to the store where that brand is sold. Below there will be a general skin-tone chart, it was not produced by a brand so therefore you will be able to find your true skin-tone. Later on when you pick a brand you want to tryout just transpose the colors !!
General Skin-tone Chart

To find your exact match you can hold your hand up to the screen, or if you want to be fancy you can print it out and then cut the squares, Hold it up to your fist/ face , this will give you a more accurate match.


Reading this heading you're probably assuming M.A.C. Sephora ,  Benefit, L'Oreal, Maybelline, But that might not always be the case, although these are well known makeup providers, they sometimes cater to the lighter more pale/tan/olive skin-tones. If you know your shade and  yours matches good with their products then that's where you stick. Now this doesn't mean that you can't try other brands, just don't be surprised  if you can't find anything. For the darker skin-tones like ,brown/light brown /dark/tan  you might want to try a brand specifically made for your skin tone, . Black Opal, Black Radiance, ELF, and Iman, are of few brands that carry foundation lines completely for darker skin tones . From light to  deep dark they basically cover the opposite side of the spectrum. Trust me knowing this will make you search for the perfect foundation a lot more easier.


Starting something new can be hard, so if you mess up and get the wrong shade, or try the wrong brand it's fine. When I first started my foundation search I went through different shades, brands and lots of makeup remover wipes. To be honest with you it took me awhile to find out what worked for me, but when I did it was the start of my foundation routine, which I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks.

I hope you enjoyed my very first Makeup Monday, These are tips that I wish I would have known starting out. I am no where near an expert or a specialist when it comes to makeup but I will say that I  won't steer you wrong. Next week I will be covering how to blend the foundation in and what types of tools I personally use to do that with . My goal is  to give you the best information that I possibly can so that all questions are cleared, and so that you read my blog posts you can use them for future references . 

Thanks so much for reading my blog today, and like always Stay True to Your OWN Fashion XOXO

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