Makeup Mondays

Makeup Monday 

Happy Monday,  I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow, Time really does fly. This week for makeup Monday I will be doing a special holiday makeup review on some of my favorite eye shadow palettes that I think would make cute  last minute gifts for that special person in your life. Next week I will continue with the foundation routine series, where i will show you how to pick the correct concealer for your skin-tone.

 Here are my top three picks   

#3 e.l.f Studio Baked Eye Shadow Palette

Starting at $10.00  this is the perfect palette to get if your just starting out . Since it's a reasonable price you won't mind getting your fingers dirty and playing with it hands on

#2 Naked 3 -By Urban Decay

Naked 3 the Most talked about Palette ever. After the success of Naked 1 &2, Urban Decay decided to try their lucky hand at palette number 3. Starting at $52.00  I would definitely recommend having some type of experience with eye shadows and have a full eye brush set  before tackling this palette. It's for the advanced NOT the meek of heart, But to me it is a great palette that was constructed gracefully, and carefully put together.

#1 Lorac PRO Palette 
 The Number One palette by my standards this year would defiantly be the Lorac PRO . Starting at $42.00, you get an arrangement of colors and you don't have to be too experienced  to learn how to blend these in together. I would recommend this palette to some one who is serious about makeup, but isn't a professional

 I Hope These quick and simple reviews help you determine which set of shadows will do the job for you, an as always, stay true to your own fashion. XOXO

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