Recap Friday

Hello and TGIF, I know you know what today is !!! That's right it's Friday .. OOOO, This week, I launched my Instagram Page for this blog , YAYYY!!! if you would like to follow me I will post my name in my bio, and that's where it will be from now on.

For Recap Friday this week,

Monday I talked about Eye-shadow pallets, different cost, and different qualities as last minute Christmas gifts to the special women in your life

Tuesday My blog post was about how Ugly Christmas Sweaters were trending and some of my favorites from the crazy bunches.

Wednesday was Christmas, I hope yours was merry and bright

Thursday I talked about some of my favorite websites for vintage clothes, weather it was casual or dressy.

I hope you enjoyed my blog this week, and that I inspired you to be different in some type of way

Thanks So Much for reading my Blog, And remember to Stay True to your OWN fashion XOXO

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