What's On Trending Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope your day so far has been splendid, Today I will be discussing some of the trends and in the order I think hey should go,

#5 Mixing Patterns

Deep Burnt Oranges, and Deep Dark Blues mixed with stripes polka dots and zigzagged lines these different patterns and shades of colors dominate the runways from the USA to Italy , and this trend is here to say, For now anyways.

#4 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

That's right bring out the ugly reindeer, snowmen, and snowflakes, because ugly Christmas sweaters are trending hard this year.

#3Faux it up with the foe Leather

Faux/Foe leather is a must have this season, starting with the Kim Kardashian Leather Leggings leather has been put everywhere since, including leather sleeves on shirts, leather pockets, leather trim the list goes on forever and so will this trend.

#2Boyfriend Jeans

 This trend is just starting, but will be a big one as we leave fall and head into winter and spring, women wearing cropped tops and Baggy Boyfriend jeans and sweaters together with big sun hats and cut out high heels will be all over tumblr in a few weeks

#1 Cropped Sweaters

 That's right Cropped things just won't go away. Cropped sweaters are going to be even more popular as we leave fall behind  and head for winter. This trend will probably  be more wearable in California opposed to New York ,just because of the temperature difference , but it's still going to make a big hit amongst teens and adults  ages 21-25 .

 Thanks so much for reading my blog post please come back next week when I will discuss Christmas trends and how they tie in to fashion, and don't forget to check out my blog tomorrow when I will go through my outfit of the day,what I was wearing where I got it from, and things of the nature. As always...

Stay True to Your Own Fashion XOXO

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