Monday, January 20, 2014

Makeup Monday

Good evening wonderful readers and welcome back to my blog, 

Today for makeup Monday, I will be going over black lipstick and the benefits it has especially when it comes to bring out  one's true skin tone. Since My skin tone is Dark Brown, the contrast between the black and the dark brown go perfectly together, almost hand and hand. See in the pictures  below..

Photographed by - Tyrell Smalls (2014)
The picture above perfectly shows how good black lipstick looks against skin tones, and if you would like to see more of the picture from the photo shoot, or more picture from the photographer above, go check out the links posted below.

  Thanks so much for reading my blog today, please, feel free to come back anytime, tomorrow I will be discussing what's trending on Tuesday, and I have a special OOTD coming really soon.!

As Always Stay TRUE to your OWN Fashion XOXO

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Recap Friday

Hello Lovely Readers of my Blog, Today I will be doing a recap friday of what I did this week seeing that  I didn't post anything for the last past 4 days. 


Monday was my first day of class, This semester I am enrolled in four classes, Apparel Management, World Societies, Arts and Humanities II, and Elementary Statistics. Later on that evening i purchased my sewing machine, and tools that I needed to do well in my Apparel Mangt. Class


Tuesday was a rainy day, I went to go change one of my class times and got starbucks (white chocolate mocha) my favorite. the sun came out at the very end of the day, but as for my excitement I had none. I didn't have any classes.


 Wednesday I had my classes again, After classes I just chilled around until me and one of my classmates went to the fabric store to pick out some patterns, for our class. ( and by the way for the Apparel Mangt. class we have to make a piece and wear it in out Fashion show April 8th )


 Thursday we had the Martin Luther King Convocation and I attended, and honestly that's all I did. I worked on my Homework, listen to chillwave, triphop, and Had a nice time writing my Vintage Thursday post.

Thanks So much for reading my blog, next week it will be back to the regular schedule as before. Starting with makeup Monday. As always remember to Stay True to Your OWN Fashion XOXO

Forget the new schedule, i'm doing it 5 days a week VINTAGE THURSDAY !!

Hello People once again, yeah I know I said the whole thing about only posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays but if I want people to continue to support me  I need to post once a day. I don't care how hard it will be. 

SOOOO with that being said  guess what today is ........That's right it's Vintage Thursday !!!

Today for vintage Thursday I will be sharing pictures of  army coats,lace leggings, and combat boots. They seem to go together hand and hand and with that being said they match almost anything you can slip on.

 Here are some of my favorite Army jackets and Combat boots, with a pair of Lace black Leggings i've found on the internet. 

plan pea green Amy jacket 

Army jacket with leather sleeves  

Black combat boots from Target

Brown combat boots from Target

Black lace leggings

Thanks so much for Reading my blog, I really appreciate it and I want all of my readers to know that i'm really going to try to balance this school thing along with my blogging. so until next time please Remember to stay true to your own Fashion XOXO

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fashion Forward (Fashion First)

Hello Friends, and welcome back to my blog, 

Today I will be giving you the run down of  my new schedule which means I will only be able to post Tuesdays and Thursdays, but instead of posing about make-up and other things of that nature I will just be focusing on FASHION ONLY.

To make my post sill be interesting each month I will be posing on different topics, trends and monthly outfit of he day shots so that you can see everything I wore during that month, even sometimes focusing on freelance fashion designers and clothing lines that i'm interested in or who contact me. This Schedule will be a lo easier for me to uphold since i will be busy doing school related things this spring.

As always thanks so much of standing by me, i'm so grateful to everyone that has read my post and have continued to support me. No mater what always remember to


                           STAY TRUE TO YOUR OWN FASHION XOXO 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

808Spills Fashion Alert !!! (Watcha' Wearing Wensday !)

Hello Readers and welcome back to my blog, 

Today I will be doing a very special Watcha' Wearing Wednesday  on a Clothing line by the name of YKC.  YKC as described by it's CEO and  founder 808Spillls reads as follows

"YKC is an ingenious clothing brand that embodies the art of customization and exclusivity. The product is urban inspired and made to cater to both the men and women of this generation. Cute, sexy, fun and fashionable are the normal reactions. There's nothing left to say; it's that simple." 

With that being said below will be a few pictures of some of my favorite pieces from  this line and a link to the owner's Instagram if your interested in purchasing  anything .

YKC"S Instagram -

 As always thanks so much for reading my blog, and remember to Stay True to Your OWN Fashion  XOXO

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trending On Tuesdays- (Metallic Fever)

                                      Metallic Fever! 

Hello , and welcome back to my blog, I hope you all are having a great Tuesday and are enjoying my new layout and wonderful header. Today on Trending Tuesday I will be discussing the Metallic Trend and how this will play out during the rest of the winter season and into the spring


 Below you see pictures from  Forever  21 and  a  online  website by the name of style watch of their models wearing this metallic trend. The dresses and Leggings are pictured here in  gold, but can come in  wide ranges and varieties of colors 

Forever 21

Forever 21

Style Watch 


  Below are pictures  of Miley Cyrus and Jenna Dewane  They are both seen pictured here wearing metallic shoes which has been trending for a while and won't go anywhere anytime soon.
Miley Cyrus 
Jenna Dewane

I Hope you all enjoyed my blog post today and will continue to read them, my post now however will start being uploaded every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday of every week, This is because spring semester starts tomorrow and I won't be able to do my daily post,  don't worry though on those days I will directly talk about Fashion and how I maintain my looks in College  You will still get outfit ideas and makeup tips, but for my everyday looks just follow me on my instagram at atruefashionsense and you won't miss a beat.

As always thanks so much for reading And remember to 

Stay True to your OWN Fashion XOXO

Monday, January 6, 2014

Makeup Mondays

Today for Makeup Monday,

I will be talking about giving your skin a break and the importance of taking care of your face to minimize breakouts and dark marks. I know from personal experiences that keeping healthy skin can be hard, but it is possible. Here are a few of my steps that I use to insure that my skin stays  in tip -top shape.

#1 Wash my face daily- It does not matter what type of cleaner you use, so long as you use it and use it often. you wanna make sure that your pores are clean and that your face and lips are moisturized.

#2 Take the time out to examine your skin. Try different products to see which ones work the best for you, use that to make a list of the best products for your specific situations.

#3 If you wear foundation often  be sure to never sleep in it. Sometime this can be hard to forget not to do,but it could actually cause real damage to your skin if you continue to sleep with makeup on your face . If your to lazy to wash your face at night, try makeup remover wipes.

#4 Learn your skin type. Some people have oily skin, others have dry skin, some are in between, if you know which type you are you can better pick the products that will work the best for you.

#5 Give your skin a break, if your at home relaxing, try going  day without makeup on. It will build your self confidence n your natural beauty and it will give your skin a break from the products for a day or two.

 I hope you found my tips to be  useful and helpful.  Taking care of your skin is very important, especially if you want to look good while using foundation, you have to have good skin under it. As always thanks so much for reading my blog, and remember to Stay True to Your Own Fashion XOXO

Friday, January 3, 2014

Recap Friday

TGIF, and hello wonderful people, Thanks so much for reading my blog today and I hope your Friday has been awesome so far,

Today is Recap Friday !!! So, Let's get started,

Monday- I Talked about the different types of Concealers, and how they can be used for different purposes

Tuesday- On Tuesday I posted a collage of my different outfits that I had constructed during the whole year of 2013 as a quick little recap of last year

Wednesday - On Wednesday I did a New Year's Outfit of the Day for Watcha wearing Wednesday

Thursday- I Posted my Favorite places to thrift from my number 5 pick to my number 1 pick.

Thanks so much again for reading my blog, and remember to stay true to your own fashion XOXO

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vintage Thursday

Hello, and welcome back to my blog

Today for vintage Thursday i'm going to be doing a segment on what to look for in a Good thrift store. Now a days there are many you can choose from, for example Plato's closet , Good Will, Union Missions, Salvation Army, and lots of local ones just  depending on where you live.

 Today I will give you a list of my favorite out of a list from 1-5 on which ones I prefer and why. I hope you enjoy today's post.

#5- Plato's Closet- Yes they have great deals sometimes, but remember this is a up-cycling store which means they buy the clothes from the public, and they are looking to make a profit so they raise the price of what you sell to them some times by as much as 15-25%. And if your looking for Vintage you can forget about it here, they usually sell what's in-style or what trending at the moment only.

#4 Good-Will-  Good will stores are awesome, they have lots of fun things like books, and cups, they also have a wider variety of clothes that are more rare(Vintage) Just because these are pieces people give away because they weren't in style anymore. Their prices can be a  little expensive but not as much as Plato's closet, and it helps that every thing is color coordinated  also

#3 Union Missions- These Shops have vintage clothes, bags and almost everything you can think of. the only thing bad I can say about them would have to be that they have no order in their stores at all. You can walk in and literally  have to search the whole store to find something worth while keeping, but they usually have some of the best vintage pieces I've seen so far

#2 Local Vintage Shops- I love these because they have such a odd but yet vintage feel to them, the owners of these store design their whole concepts around creating a  vintage time calculable, so that when you walk in the shop it feels as if you went 30 years back in time. I love the atmosphere especially in this thrift shop in Chapel Hill NC, by the name of Time after Time Vintage
(Link will be HERE ) They do an awesome job of selling the vintage feel.

#1-Salvation Army -My Number one pick for cheap prices and some of everything you can find under one roof has to be the Salvation Army. They have Records, Clothes, Shoes, TV's Radios, Cups, Plates, Furniture, almost anything you can think of, they are amazing at their pricing, and since people usually give away their old clothes  it's the perfect place to find great things that are old, and are still in  good condition at the same time.

Thanks So Much for Reading My Blog Today, I hope my reviews were helpful for you and that you will use them the next time you decide to go Thrifting.

As always Stay True To Your Own Fashion XOXO

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! (Whatcha Wearing Wesnesday)

                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 

I hope you all had a save run of activities last night, with that being said Today i'm doing a Special  New Years Outfit of the day !!!

Dress- Thrifted
    Shoes- Forever 21
   Cardigan- Target 
           Necklace-Body Central

I hope you guys enjoyed my Watcha Wearing Wednesday 
As always stay true to your OWN fashion XOXO