808Spills Fashion Alert !!! (Watcha' Wearing Wensday !)

Hello Readers and welcome back to my blog, 

Today I will be doing a very special Watcha' Wearing Wednesday  on a Clothing line by the name of YKC.  YKC as described by it's CEO and  founder 808Spillls reads as follows

"YKC is an ingenious clothing brand that embodies the art of customization and exclusivity. The product is urban inspired and made to cater to both the men and women of this generation. Cute, sexy, fun and fashionable are the normal reactions. There's nothing left to say; it's that simple." 

With that being said below will be a few pictures of some of my favorite pieces from  this line and a link to the owner's Instagram if your interested in purchasing  anything .

YKC"S Instagram -http://instagram.com/XxYKCxX_

 As always thanks so much for reading my blog, and remember to Stay True to Your OWN Fashion  XOXO

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