Forget the new schedule, i'm doing it 5 days a week VINTAGE THURSDAY !!

Hello People once again, yeah I know I said the whole thing about only posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays but if I want people to continue to support me  I need to post once a day. I don't care how hard it will be. 

SOOOO with that being said  guess what today is ........That's right it's Vintage Thursday !!!

Today for vintage Thursday I will be sharing pictures of  army coats,lace leggings, and combat boots. They seem to go together hand and hand and with that being said they match almost anything you can slip on.

 Here are some of my favorite Army jackets and Combat boots, with a pair of Lace black Leggings i've found on the internet. 

plan pea green Amy jacket 

Army jacket with leather sleeves  

Black combat boots from Target

Brown combat boots from Target

Black lace leggings

Thanks so much for Reading my blog, I really appreciate it and I want all of my readers to know that i'm really going to try to balance this school thing along with my blogging. so until next time please Remember to stay true to your own Fashion XOXO

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