Makeup Monday

Good evening wonderful readers and welcome back to my blog, 

Today for makeup Monday, I will be going over black lipstick and the benefits it has especially when it comes to bring out  one's true skin tone. Since My skin tone is Dark Brown, the contrast between the black and the dark brown go perfectly together, almost hand and hand. See in the pictures  below..

Photographed by - Tyrell Smalls (2014)
The picture above perfectly shows how good black lipstick looks against skin tones, and if you would like to see more of the picture from the photo shoot, or more picture from the photographer above, go check out the links posted below.

  Thanks so much for reading my blog today, please, feel free to come back anytime, tomorrow I will be discussing what's trending on Tuesday, and I have a special OOTD coming really soon.!

As Always Stay TRUE to your OWN Fashion XOXO

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