Recap Friday

Hello Lovely Readers of my Blog, Today I will be doing a recap friday of what I did this week seeing that  I didn't post anything for the last past 4 days. 


Monday was my first day of class, This semester I am enrolled in four classes, Apparel Management, World Societies, Arts and Humanities II, and Elementary Statistics. Later on that evening i purchased my sewing machine, and tools that I needed to do well in my Apparel Mangt. Class


Tuesday was a rainy day, I went to go change one of my class times and got starbucks (white chocolate mocha) my favorite. the sun came out at the very end of the day, but as for my excitement I had none. I didn't have any classes.


 Wednesday I had my classes again, After classes I just chilled around until me and one of my classmates went to the fabric store to pick out some patterns, for our class. ( and by the way for the Apparel Mangt. class we have to make a piece and wear it in out Fashion show April 8th )


 Thursday we had the Martin Luther King Convocation and I attended, and honestly that's all I did. I worked on my Homework, listen to chillwave, triphop, and Had a nice time writing my Vintage Thursday post.

Thanks So much for reading my blog, next week it will be back to the regular schedule as before. Starting with makeup Monday. As always remember to Stay True to Your OWN Fashion XOXO

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