Trending On Tuesdays- (Metallic Fever)

                                      Metallic Fever! 

Hello , and welcome back to my blog, I hope you all are having a great Tuesday and are enjoying my new layout and wonderful header. Today on Trending Tuesday I will be discussing the Metallic Trend and how this will play out during the rest of the winter season and into the spring


 Below you see pictures from  Forever  21 and  a  online  website by the name of style watch of their models wearing this metallic trend. The dresses and Leggings are pictured here in  gold, but can come in  wide ranges and varieties of colors 

Forever 21

Forever 21

Style Watch 


  Below are pictures  of Miley Cyrus and Jenna Dewane  They are both seen pictured here wearing metallic shoes which has been trending for a while and won't go anywhere anytime soon.
Miley Cyrus 
Jenna Dewane

I Hope you all enjoyed my blog post today and will continue to read them, my post now however will start being uploaded every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday of every week, This is because spring semester starts tomorrow and I won't be able to do my daily post,  don't worry though on those days I will directly talk about Fashion and how I maintain my looks in College  You will still get outfit ideas and makeup tips, but for my everyday looks just follow me on my instagram at atruefashionsense and you won't miss a beat.

As always thanks so much for reading And remember to 

Stay True to your OWN Fashion XOXO

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