Vintage Thursday

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Today for vintage Thursday i'm going to be doing a segment on what to look for in a Good thrift store. Now a days there are many you can choose from, for example Plato's closet , Good Will, Union Missions, Salvation Army, and lots of local ones just  depending on where you live.

 Today I will give you a list of my favorite out of a list from 1-5 on which ones I prefer and why. I hope you enjoy today's post.

#5- Plato's Closet- Yes they have great deals sometimes, but remember this is a up-cycling store which means they buy the clothes from the public, and they are looking to make a profit so they raise the price of what you sell to them some times by as much as 15-25%. And if your looking for Vintage you can forget about it here, they usually sell what's in-style or what trending at the moment only.

#4 Good-Will-  Good will stores are awesome, they have lots of fun things like books, and cups, they also have a wider variety of clothes that are more rare(Vintage) Just because these are pieces people give away because they weren't in style anymore. Their prices can be a  little expensive but not as much as Plato's closet, and it helps that every thing is color coordinated  also

#3 Union Missions- These Shops have vintage clothes, bags and almost everything you can think of. the only thing bad I can say about them would have to be that they have no order in their stores at all. You can walk in and literally  have to search the whole store to find something worth while keeping, but they usually have some of the best vintage pieces I've seen so far

#2 Local Vintage Shops- I love these because they have such a odd but yet vintage feel to them, the owners of these store design their whole concepts around creating a  vintage time calculable, so that when you walk in the shop it feels as if you went 30 years back in time. I love the atmosphere especially in this thrift shop in Chapel Hill NC, by the name of Time after Time Vintage
(Link will be HERE ) They do an awesome job of selling the vintage feel.

#1-Salvation Army -My Number one pick for cheap prices and some of everything you can find under one roof has to be the Salvation Army. They have Records, Clothes, Shoes, TV's Radios, Cups, Plates, Furniture, almost anything you can think of, they are amazing at their pricing, and since people usually give away their old clothes  it's the perfect place to find great things that are old, and are still in  good condition at the same time.

Thanks So Much for Reading My Blog Today, I hope my reviews were helpful for you and that you will use them the next time you decide to go Thrifting.

As always Stay True To Your Own Fashion XOXO

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