Taking Charge of my life

Hello Beautiful people, and for those who continue to read m blog, Spring Semester is almost over which mean I can finally get back on schedule with the uploading of my posts. This has been a tough semester just dealing with issues in my own life and changes but it defiantly has made me a stronger person in the process. I was finally able to realize that sometimes holding on to what we want can damage what we're meant to have. With That being said I'm letting go of the past and I'm moving forward.

This blog over all has received over 217,000 views over the course of 5 Months, and I haven't even been keeping up with my post, I pledge to post at least three times a week for Make-up Mondays. Wat'cha wearing Wednesdays and  Something on Saturday or Sunday to close or to open up the week. I really appreciate all of my supporters who constantly stood by me, and continued to support me during my darkest hour. Below will be some pictures from the past couple of months just so you can see what I've been wearing and also what I've been up to. Please enjoy and continue to read my blog posts and feel free to follow me on my Instagram -@Prism_Age, @Truebeyondwords

 Thanks so Much For Reading

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