My life so far this year.


Let's Start Over 

              I have so much to update you guys on, I had no idea that senior year would become so hectic, but here's to a fresh start. In this post i'm going to update you on what has happened to me over the last past year . Not by any means calling this an excuse, but maybe it will shed some light to my dark disappearance.  

January -  During this month I entered all things fashion show, It was honestly the only thing I could think about. I wanted to prove to everyone that I was something, I just didn't know what I was myself. It's funny how life does that to you. The important things happen in due time. 

February - This was the month of  the cold hearted  truth,  It was supposed to be a time of preparation for the show, however we nearly lost the whole month to winter storms. Needless to say I didn't get too much work done. I always start of with good intentions, but you know how it goes. Momentum is a cruel mistress, here today and gone tomorrow. I did turn 21  in this month, and was in a car accident that very same night. In this month I learned that death has no favorites,live life and live it well. 

March- March was  the month of playing catch up. I was trying to catch up to a life that was moving so fast, that If I blinked my eyes, it would all flash before me. During this month I ended up completing  3 out of 4 outfits that were going in the show under my line. Named After  Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter, my line was suppose to represent  her struggle between life death and love. 

April - This was the month of the fashion show. We were judged on the 5th and the show was on that Tuesday which was the 7th. I ended up with 4 pieces for my first attempt at a real live fashion show, which I thought wasn't to shabby. I didn't place nor did I win anything, however because I stayed after to help clean up , the professor gave me a life size dressform for free. The show was also an amazing experience, and after I had so much time on my hands. It was nice to be able to enjoy the weather and to start thinking about next year's game plan. 

May- July - I didn't get too much rest because after classes ended I was right back in school for the summer. I made it up in my mind that I was going to graduate on time. and that nothing was going to stop me. I was able to come home for two weeks, but in that time It finally hit me that August would be my last august as an undergrad, and to start preparing for the real world. That's when I decided  that it was time to move off of campus for the first time soon. I had no idea and a crummy job, but that didn't stop me from saving to move out. 

August-  August came and I was ready, I wanted to move of campus but I wanted everything to be to my liking\, the price, the neighborhood, the distance from my university. Luckily I had founded what I wanted. A spacious studio apartment located in the Downtown area of Durham NC. It was perfect I was scheduled to move in on September 26.

September- When I moved into my apartment it was only me, I took over 200 trips back and fourth from my old dorm room to my car , from my car to my new apartment, all in the pouring rain,but it was absolutely worth it. I've never been so comfortable anywhere in my life, everything there is mine, no roommate, no sharing the bathroom, just me in peace. apartment tour coming soon. December at the latest. be on the look out for the video to be displayed here and on my YouTube channel.

October This was yet again another stressful  month full of setbacks and rewards. I got a new job and I founded out what I was actually made of. It was full of long days and late nights in the sewing lab. It was also full of motivational speeches by Les Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, CT Fletcher and who every else I could listen to too keep me going and my head held strong.

Well as you can see I've had a busy year and its going to get worse the more blessed I become. I will however try to keep with the blog post every Frida and Sunday and try to be consistent this time. I give you guys my word. XOXOXO 

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