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Class ain’t just a glass of champagne. It is more about taste and discretion than it is wearing a 3-piece suit. When we say a man is classy, it is because he carries himself with dignity and integrity. Whether rich or poor, he espouses the elegance of the working man. The pride he takes in his appearance is rooted in the pride he takes in his self and his livelihood. A mechanic can have more class than a banker in a midtown barbershop. A young man can have more class than a senior. It is not capital or age that defines a Classic Man. It is character. 
The Classic Man is a distinguished gentleman. He keeps his gloves dirty but his hands clean.He is absolutely certain that less is more, that actions speak louder than words, and that quality is better than quantity. He avoids making excuses and accepts both praise and criticism with the same cool. He doesn’t like to complain unless it’s funny or interesting. A Classic Man is observant, so he is naturally concerned with the details of his appearance and the presentation of his reputation. Thus, he is sharp in mind, body, and style.
A Classic Man is always an old soul. Nevertheless, he is not confined to tradition. He adapts to the times. Every Classic Man we think of in the past was actually a fresh new face of that era, a symbol and mouthpiece of his generation. Therefore, the archetype of the Classic Man is both timeless and relevant. Although he pays homage to his legacy, he is not merely a retro mannequin. Whether his choice of uniform is a denim jumper or a varsity jacket, he knows how to reinvent the suit for the modern day. His vintage style makes the elders feel young and the young feel grown.
All the Classic Men of the last century stood up straight. When you stand up for something, you stand out. The beauty of a bespoke suit and stiff collar is that it supports a stately posture. A great tailor is like a personal trainer, cutting around your body and into the power of your natural physique. The power of being one’s self is at the heart of every Classic Man’s wardrobe. He is more concerned with the fit than fitting in.
The “Classic Man” record celebrates the neighborhood gentleman that everyone knows and respects. He is the man that steps up to care for that which is not his own. He is the street elegant old-fashioned man, the urban sophisticate. He is a man that every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with. To both his lovers and his enemies, his charm is a necessary evil. Under fire, the Classic Man remains cool as Nat King Cole. He sons immature men without them knowing they’ve just been sonned. He can pull the wool or be a bull while being polite. A Classic Man never rants in public; he delivers speeches with passion and conviction.
The Classic Man believes that there is a deal for everything. Even when he is seemingly cornered, he has more moves than a flamenco dancer. Diplomacy is his strong suit and most conflict can be resolved without violence. He is no stranger to hand-to-hand combat, however, and is an excellent marksman. When all other options are exploited, he is not afraid to roll up his sleeves.
The Classic Man holds women in the highest of regard and will lay down his life to protect them. He believes that great women are the backbone of a successful nation. While others struggle to admit it, he believes that women are generally wiser and more loyal than men. Regardless of sexual orientation, boys and young men struggle with maintaining valuable, platonic relationships with women. Many of us do not have the male role models or father figures that teach us exactly how to relate with the opposite sex let alone a potential mate. Classic Men are usually found in the company of brilliant, successful women.
While other men can’t control their hormones in the presence of beauty, the Classic Man can stare into your eyes and hold an enlightening conversation without making a pass.He feels no need to hunt on the prowl; his patience and wit captures your heart and mind. He takes his mates on adventures, not dates. He knows that texting is not courting and courtship is not a means to an end. Well, on second thought, it is…but the key to wooing is to focus on the present moment. It is extremely challenging to civilize one’s primal desire especially after a few drinks. The more you hold out, however, the more you will be desired and ultimately rewarded. Once you invite him in and ask him to check his coat at the door, he understands that he can finally check some of his manners as well. To quote Enitan Bereola, “Etiquette has no place in the bedroom.” It is usually at this point that you realize that the Classic Man is still a man and that Man is still an animal.

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