Vivid Colors. The Introduction

I've always been an Artist, maybe not textbook style, but in my own way and artist, and since my younger days I learned fast to see the world in an array of colors, while many see the world for what it is I've always  imagined  to see it in the ways I thought it should be, but even with all of those different colors in my mind, i'm still some how frighten by what could happen.

     That has always been a reoccurring  thought in the back of my mind. A thought that i've tried to ignore since  becoming a college student,switching majors and taking a leap of faith to follow my heart. That was the first time that those colors I saw when I was a child started to fade into a normal black and white designed for the ordinary.

      For the first time in my life the colors in which I saw no longer painted this imaginary world in which I used to live. It was like for most of my younger life I had been lied to. Being an older version of my younger self  I can see how life can be a slap in the face and how those colors in which seemed so vivid as a child can fade, but does it have to be this way?

     Going through life and past near death experiences has taught me that even if you are scared life doesn't wait. We can't stop time even if  we are afraid of it moving forward.  We have to push through the insecurities taught by life to overcome the judgment of an insecure environment.

     The life we live only happens once, and whether we live it being afraid or not is all on us. Blaming past experiences which would have happened anyways just gives us a fake umbrella to hide under. Though  the illusion of a shelter in the mist of the storm is what we would all want one must understand that it has already been given and that now the perils of life can't be avoided so easily.

     As a child we have vivd colors because we are in denial, not because of ignorance but because our faith in ourselves have not been tested. The real soul prevails when all seems lost, but vivd colors still continue to appear. The revival of vivd colors will be my testimony, my journey through the perils of life and how my black and white once again returned into the vivd colors in my memory.


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