The Day of the Show


Tonight is the big night, my fears,doubts,and worries are all setting upon me because once again a winner will be declared. I really shouldn't feel bad though. At the end of the day I wasn't expected to win in the first place. 

     One of my only friends in the department told me who's fan favorites she had heard and I carefully listened as she called out all of the ones who were "chosen"; my name wasn't one of them. Being the underdog is tough but it also brings upon a great power. The power to prove people wrong.  Even if I were to  win I'd be outcasted, deemed not a worthy patron, and it being a sheer mistake due to the  personal opinions of those who were  denied. Some people feel entitled and when they don't get what they think they deserve they hate you for what you worked so hard to achieve. My blood sweat and tears didn't come at an easy price.

     I don't expect to win,  however i'd by lying if I said I didn't want to. I would love to silence the haters for  just a moment while crushing their disbelief in me and my line;To walk in glory of the whispers and to bask in the fact that I was a legit competitor and not just number 22 on the roster with medicore garments.

 Winning would come at a price though because my mom isn't able to make it. In fact the only person I have coming to the show to support me is a man who I couldn't see my self being with, but honestly everything I do is for the women who live at 1027. Thats where my heart will always be and I will work until i'm black and blue to take care of the people who provided for me when I was neglected by others. 

 underdogs eat and that describes me and the word winner doesn't even sound normal in the same sentence, but that's ok. Where people fail ישועspeaks. whatever will be will be and at this point I  just want the winner to be nice about it but that won't happen because  after all this is a fashion competition, what would it be if a little shade wasn't thrown 

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